110v Fuser Maintenance Kit - Genuine Xerox Brand (115R00063) Xerox WC4250/4260

Valid OEM part number s: 115R0063, 2N2805, 002N02805, 126N413, 126N00413

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 4250, 4250s, 4250x, 4250xf, 4260, 4260s, 4260x & 4260xf

110v Fuser Maintenance Kit - 115R00063 (115R63) - Genuine Xerox® Brand (*This fuser might have a new press roll installed, see note below)


*  In many cases, we replace the Pressure Roller in these fusers even though they are brand new OEM fusers.  This is because the "new" OEM fusers are aging and many of them have severe flat spots on the press rolls that cause bumping sounds and sometimes fuser drive fault codes (.  We inspect hte fusers and try turning them by hand.  There is almost always at least a slight flat spot but if it is heavy, we install a new roller.

This is the OEM Maintenance Kit... it is really just the fuser itself (That is all that Xerox® includes in this "kit").  We do also sell our own kit including the BTR and Feed Rolls (see 4250MK in Related Parts).

Alternate numbers for the fuser include: 002N02805 (2N2805), 126N00413 (126N413)