Fuser Oil Dispense Assembly (Type A, OEM 600K12020) for Xerox® 2510 style

Valid OEM Part Number: 600K12020

For Xerox® models: 2510, 2515, 2520, 3001

Fuser Oil Dispense Assembly, Type A - 600K12020 Genuine Xerox® 

Fits the following versions:
2510 (without Tag 252)
2515 (with Tag 88)
2520 (with Tag 85)
& 3001 (with Tag 85)

Note: The Type A version has the wick adhered to the assembly, but the Type-A Oil Pad is sold seperately.

Note: The Tag Matrix is located inside of the right side cover of the machine. If a tag number on the sticker is checked off or blacked out, then the machine is With that Tag.