Fuser Oil Pad (Type A, replaces 19E3032) for Xerox® 2510 style

: 19E3032, 019E03032
For Xerox® models: 2510, 2515, 2520, 3001

Fuser Oil Reservoir Pad (for Type A Oiler Assemblies) - replaces 19E3032 / 019E03032

Fits the following versions:
2510 (without Tag 252)
2515 (with Tag 88)
2520 (with Tag 85)
& 3001 (with Tag 85)

Note: Type-A oilers have the oil wick adhered to the metal channel which the pad sits into. One easy way to tell the two versions of the oil pad apart is by looking at the shape of the Oil Pad. The illustration to the right shows the differences between the shape of the Type-A vs. Type-B Oil Pads.

**Note: The Tag Matrix is located inside of the right side cover of the machine. If a tag number on the sticker is checked off or blacked out, then the machine is With that Tag.