Fuser Repair Kit (to rebuild 126K3464, 126K3087, 126K8671, etc.) Xerox® 5328 style

: 126K3464, 126K03464, 600K35850, 126K3111, 126K03111, 5K3194, 005K03194, 22K20701, 022K20701, 22K20672, 022K20672, 22K37750, 022K37750, 13E3581, 013E03581, 600K36100, 19E12611, 019E12611, 19E4850, 019E04850, 7E19740, 007E19740, 5E5132, 005E05132, 108K90, 1

For Xerox® models: 5328, 5321, 5334, 5624, 5626, 5824, 826, 5828, 5830, XC1875, XC2675

Be prepared for anything with this kit...

Includes: Fuser Lamp & Springs, Fuser Web Assy, Upper & Lower Rollers, Upper & Lower Bearings & Fingers, Fuser Drive Gear, Heat Sleeves, Thermal Fuse & Thermistor.