Fuser Web Cover Assy (Complete, replaces 5K3194/5K3195 or 5K4290) Xerox® 5328 style

Valid OEM Part Numbers for the complete Assembly: 5K3194 (005K03194), 5K3195 (005K03195), 5K4290 (005k04290)

For Xerox® models: 5321, 5328, 5334, 5624, 5626, 5824, 5826, 5828, 5830, XC1875, XC2675

Fuser Web Assembly - Complete (Genuine Xerox® Brand)

Includes the Fuser Cleaning Web: 5K3180 (005K03180), 5K3181 (005K03181), 5K2800 (005K02800), 5K2801 (005K02801)
Web Pinch Roller (22K30682 (022K30682), 22K28663 (022K28663), 22K51980 (022K51980), 22K51990 (022K51990),
Web Drive Shaft / Gear: 6E38600 (006E38600), 6E38601 (006E38601),
Fuser Top Cover Assembly with all of the hardware except the two screws which hold the assembly on (those are sold seperately, so don't lose those little fellows).