IBT Belt Anti-Curl Kit (OEM) Xerox® DC250 style


For Xerox® models: (DocuColor®) DC-240, 242, 250, 252, 260 (WorkCentre®) WC-7655, 7665, 7675, 7755, 7765, 7775 & Xerox® Color 550, 560, C60, C70, (Digital Color Press) DCP- 700 / 700i / 770, C75, & J75

IBT BELT ANTI-CURL KIT - 655N00282 Genuine Xerox® 


A clever retrofit to help solve IBT home sensor problems (fault code 042-326 or 042-327).  A pair of skids for either side of the belt home sensor, to help keep the belt from flaring or curling up at the rear edge.  This helps avoid the need to replace the IBT Belt if it is in good shape except for a curl at the rear edge.  The curl can cause the IBT Home Sensor to have a tough time seeing the Home Sensor reflector patch on the inside of that rear edge of the belt.