IBT Belt Cleaner Assembly (OEM 042K94561, 042K94152) Xerox® DC250 Style

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 42K92759 / 042K92759, 42K92758/ 042K92758, 42K92757 / 042K92757, 42K92756 / 042K92756, , 42K92755 / 042K92755, 42K92754 / 042K92754, 42K92753 / 042K92753, 042K93480 /042K93480, 42K93481 / 042K93481, 42K93482 / 042K93482, 42K93483 / 042K93483, 42K94150 / 042K94150, 42K94151 / 042K94151, 42K94152 / 042K94152, 42K94560 / 042K94560, 42K94561 / 042K94561, 42K94730 / 042K94730, 641S661 / 641S00661, 641S850 / 641S00850

For Xerox® models: (DocuColor) DC240, DC242, DC250, DC252, DC260, (WorkCentre) WC-7655, 7665, 7675, 7755, 7765, 7775, Color 550, 560, 570 & Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770, Color C75, J75 Press

IBT Belt Cleaner Assembly - 042K94561, 042K94152 Genuine Xerox® 


NOTE: This is the newer version of the IBT Cleaning Assembly which was introduced with the DC700 and 550 Families. It features design improvements which help increase the yield of the IBT Belt. It also fits in the predecessor models: (DocuColor) DC250 and DC252 Families, as well as the (WorkCentre) WC7675 & WC7775 Families.