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IBT Cleaner Assembly (OEM 848K07761, 848K07763) for Xerox® 4112 Family and D95, D110, D125

PD # 4112IBTCA
Valid OEM Part Numbers: 848K7761, 848K07761, 848k7763, 848K007763
  • Details
  • For Xerox® models: 4112, 4112EPS, 4127, 4127EPS, D110 (Printer) or C/P (Copier/Printer), D125 (Printer) or C/P (Copier/Printer), D136 C/P (Copier/Printer)

    IBT Cleaner Assembly - OEM 848K07763, 848K07762, 848K07761, 848K88100 Genuine Xerox®