Welcome to The Parts Drop®... Now you can say "YES" to fixing Xerox® machines!

FULL COVERAGE OF PARTS: When we support a model, we cover it from Feed to Fuser. We provide as full a line of Xerox parts as we possibly can, including choices between OEM parts, generic parts and good used parts. If you need it, we probably have it in stock.

ASSISTANCE IDENTIFYING PARTS: Don't have a Xerox® part number? No problem... we know most of the parts by description and are willing to fax or email you a picture if clarification is needed. <!-- Our Catalog / Field Guide shows pricing on many of the most commonly requested parts including some obscure parts which are known to break. You will also find illustrations of many of the parts to help boost confidence that you've found the correct part you need. -->

THE INFORMATION YOU NEED: Many of our parts come with information on how to properly install the parts, how to avoid some of the known pit falls and how to reset counters or status codes. <!-- Our Catalog / Field Guide includes a wealth of information at your finger tips... Carry it with you. You'll find Status Codes, code reset information, toner and drum cartridge details and the likes. -->

A SAFETY NET OF FRIENDS: We are here as a safety net if you have a technical question... If you call in with your exact model number and a status code, our Sales Staff can fax or email you some information.  For more complicated questions such as copy quality issues (include a copy of the symptom if possible) we suggest you fax or email details.  Include your name & phone number so a technician can call you.

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