Inverter Jam Clearance Baffle (38K17842 / 38K17843) Xerox® WC-5632 version

: 38K17842, 038K17842, 38K17843, 038K17843, 604K73160

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 5632, 5638, 5645, 5655, 5665, 5675, 5687, 5735, 5740, 5755, 5765, 5775 & 5790

Inverter Jam Clearance Baffle

From the top of the Inverter Module, this piece is hinged at the rear end and includes the 3d/4d green latch and the black piece it is mounted on.

Warning: Other models in the C35 series have a slightly different baffle, so pay attention to your exact model number.