Low-Voltage Power Supply, LVPS (Refurbished 600K9921) Xerox® 5018 version

Refurbished: 600K9921, 600K09921

For Vintage Xerox® Analog Copier models: 5016, 5018, 5021, 5028, 5034, 5126, 5321, 5328, 5818, 5820, XC-1875, XC2675 

Low-Voltage Power Supply, LVPS - Refurbished 600K9921


***When the machine shows a symptom of No Power or intermittent loss of power, this is the board which is responsible in most cases. There are test points on the upper left corner of the Main Board on the front of the machine which are marked right on the board. If you get funny reading at any of those test points, then the LVPS isn't producing the proper voltages and will need to be replaced. This Board is located down in the base of the machine. You will need to remove a bunch of stuff including the transfer corona to get to it.