Low Voltage Power Supply (Refurbished 1 Amp or 2 Amp) for Xerox® 2510/2515 only

Refurbished: 140K7902, 140K07902, 140K21430, 140K21431, 140K4733, 140K04733

For Xerox® models: 2510, 2515 only

Low Voltage (DC) Power Supply, Refurbished -  Replaces 140K07902, 140K21430, 140K21431 or 140K04733


We have very limited quantities of these, please call to confirm availability (201) 387-7776

When this board fails, the machine will usually have no power.


We offer $50.- back for the Core (bad board). Please send it to us in static protected bag for a Core Credit towards future purchases. Note: In comments area, please tell us if your power supply has a 1 or 2 Amp Fuse on it. Thank you.