059K30391, 059K30390, 059K39200, Feed Roller for Xerox® C35 style

: 59K30391, 059K30391, 59K30390, 059K30390, 59K39200, 059K39200

For Xerox ® models: CopyCentre® C35, C45, C55, DocumentCentre® DC535, DC545, DC555, WorkCentre® M35, M45, M55, Pro35, Pro45, Pro55

Genuine Xerox®Paper Feed Roller

3 tires on the shaft / hub / bearing assembly. This version includes the ramp at the end of the roller which helps reduce the likelihood of the feed assembly getting damaged by the paper stack if it is over-filled. Will fit Tray 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Note: We also offer our own brand of Feed Repair Kit which includes the 3 rubber tires from this roller at considerable savings, see our part number C35PFTK.