Drum Cartridge Rebuild Kit (Rebuilding 013R00676 / 013R00674) for Xerox® Versant® V80, V2100 Press

For Rebuilding: 13R676, 013R00676, 13R674, 013R00674

For Xerox® models: Versant® 80 / 180 Press, Versant®  2100 / 3100 Press (V80 / V180 / V2100 / V3100)

Drum Cartridge Rebuild Kit - for Rebuilding 013R00676


This Rebuild Kit includes: Drum (OPC), Cleaning Blade, Charge Roller (PCR), Foam Cleaning Roll, & CRUM chip for 013R00676.


***11/17/22 - NOTE:  we had some trouble with a recent batch of V3 Charge Rollers.. if you have any disappointing yields on the charge rollers to report, please contact us.  We have gone back to the V2 charge rollers.  Those worked good but had been unavailable for a long time.  They are back in stock now.