A Good Wide Selection...

  • Parts from the Oldest to the Newest:   We continue to stock parts for even the oldest Vintage Xerox® copier models (660, 3100, 1025, 1035, XC810, XD100, XC23, DC12, etc. etc.).  We also cover some of the newest multifunction machines (C60 / C70, D110, Versant 80 / V180,  V2100, etc.). We follow the "Styles" as they develop over time from the earliest family to the most recent releases.  For example the DC555 of the C35 style all the way through the later WC-5890 Family. Check out our Phaser parts, we're expanding support for several of these models as well.
  • Parts not spared by  Xerox®:   Even if you don't find a part number in one of the OEM Parts lists, we can often come up with the parts you need... Ask us!   This includes gears and heat rollers which are only spared as complete fuser modules by Xerox®
  • Reliable Supplies at Affordable Prices:   Toner, print and copy cartridges; both OEM and generic are available.  We offer Brand New cartridges in plain packaging at excellent prices in many cases.
  • Reconditioning Supplies & Parts:   We stock Toners, Developers, Drums or Photoreceptor Belts, Cleaning Blades, CRUMs (connectors or chips) and other parts for rebuilding cartridges.  We have Connectors or chips for many of the Xerox® brand cartridge types and the information about how to reset the drum count for each model.
  • Copycentre, Workcentre, Documentcentre, & Docucolor & Parts:   Whether your machine is a Xerox® copier (Copycenter or Copycentre), a Xerox® Printer (Workcenter or Workcentre), a Xerox® fax or facsimile (Faxcenter or Faxcentre), a Xerox® color multifuntion (Color, or DocuColor), or other Xerox® multifunction machines, we know the differences and similarities within each "style" of machines. 

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