Shipping & Returns


Domestic - Within the US, we use United Parcel Service (UPS). All packages are shipped out of our New Jersey location. Standard shipping by UPS Ground service takes 1 to 6 business days, depending on your location. When counting estimated arrival day, do not count weekends or holidays. For faster shipping, request UPS Orange Label (3 Day), Blue Label (2 day), or Red Label (1 day).

Because package sizes and weights vary widely, our website is not able to calculate exact shipping costs. Shipping will be added to your order total at invoicing time. We follow the UPS list rates strictly and we add $3.- per package for a handling fee. We can contact you with a shipping quote if you request one in the notes during checkout.

If UPS can not deliver in 3 attempts, they will return the package to us in which case shipping costs and restock fees will be added to your account.

International -We will ship the best way depending on your location. We will provide you with a shipping quote before we proceed with your order.


  • Always Call for a Return Authorization Number (RA#)... returns which are not accompanied by an RA# risk being turned back.
  • Restock fees will apply... (unless the product is defective or if the item was shipped in error) Minimum restock fee is 15% or $5.- whichever is greater.
  • Always pack the part's box in an outer carton... Never put stickers on the part's packaging.
  • Never write on the part's packaging... it decreases the value of the product.
  • Use proper packaging... Take the time to package the part as well as we do when we ship it to you. Credit will not be given for returned parts which arrive damaged in shipping due to poor packaging.
  • Use anti-static packaging... Please be sure all items sent to you in anti-static bags or wrap are returned in anti-static packaging. Improper handling or packaging is often fatal to delicate parts, electrical parts, boards, etc. No credit will be given for parts damaged by improper packaging.
  • Make sure the item you return is in fact OURs ... We mark our parts and most of the cartridges which we sell. We pay attention to what is returned to us. If an item is not ours, it will be sent back to you. p


Retail Supplies Returns: Supplies are warrantied for 30 days or the stated yield of the cartridge, whichever comes first. Should any product be defective within this period, please call us... we have trained technicians on staff who can help you determine if a problem is related to the supply item or if there is something else to check out first. We have found that many problems can actually be solved on the phone. If a supply item is defective, we will replace the product at no charge. Should any problem arise, even beyond 30 days, please call and we will assist you as best we can. Between 30 and 180 days, pro-rated credits will be considered depending on the circumstances.

Retail Parts: ALL RETAIL PARTS SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS, NO WARRANTIES. Far too many things can go wrong if a part is misinstalled or even handled improperly. We recommend that you hire a qualified professional technician to repair your office equipment. We further recommend that you allow the technician to order the parts as they will be responsible for the installation and are given a warranty on parts. If you need help finding a tech, let us know your telephone number and postal zipcode and we will see if we have anyone we can recommend in your area.


New OEM parts - 15% restock fee. Must be returned unopened in original packaging with no writing or other marks on the OEM packaging. If package is opened, damaged or marked sufficiently to make product unsaleable as a new part to another customer, 40% restock fee will apply. No returns on installed OEM parts. If a new OEM part is found to have been installed, it will be returned to you.

New Generic parts - If a generic part is returned uninstalled and in original packaging, 15% restock fee. If packaging is missing or damaged sufficiently to require repackaging, a 25% restock fee will apply. If a part has been installed and we determine it is still saleable as a used part, partial credit may be granted. If we can not resell the part, it will be returned to you. Installed parts will be handled on a case by case basis.

Used Parts -If used parts are returned in the same condition, there will be a 20% restock fee. IMPORTANT: If our part is installed and it does not solve your problem, make sure you remove our part and reinstall the customer's part. All of our parts are marked including removeable pieces on assemblies. If we receive a part which is not ours, no credit will be granted.