Short Paper Path, 59K33980 New OEM Xerox® C35 version

: 59K33980, 059K33980

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) 35, 45, 55, C35, C45, C55, (DocumentCentre) 535, 545, 555, (WorkCentre) M35, M45, M55, Pro35, Pro45, Pro55, (WorkCentre) Bookmark 40, 55 & (WorkCentre) 5030, 5050, 5135, 5632, 5638, 5730

Short Paper Path New, OEM Part number 059K33980, 059K33980


This part is the carrier which holds the transfer corona which latches up under the drum cartridge. The assembly includes the green Transfer Corotron Carrier Latch, labeled with a '4b'.