IBT (Transfer) Cleaning Assembly (OEM - 001R00600, 1R600) for Xerox® WC-7425 style

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 001R00600 (1R600)

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 7425, 7428, 7435

Genuine Xerox® IBT (Transfer Belt) Cleaning Assembly - 1R600 / 001R00600
We also carry the IBT Cleaning Blade, if you want to save a few bucks and replace just that one piece which wears out.  See our part number: 7425IBTCB.


How to Reset the Counter for theTransfer Belt Cleaner:
1.  Press the 'Machine Status' button on the Control Console
2.  Touch the 'Supplies' tab on the Touch Screen.
3.  Select 'Transfer Belt Cleaner [R6]'
4.  Touch 'Reset Counter'