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5220 style Tech Tips

5205, 5210, 5220, & 5222 Vintage analog copier Tech Tips

Technical Specifications

XEROX Brand 5220 style

5205,5210,5220,5222, XC520, XC540, XC560, XC580
Also: Sharp Z-30 style
Illustration of 5220

For Status Codes, Diagnostics, etc.
These models are covered in the Intravia's Guide:  'Sharp Z Complete' guide under the Sharp Z-30

  • Resetting the Drum Counter... First remove the Front Cover to the left of T/D Cartridge Door to expose the main board. Turn off the machine. Install a jumper wire across JP’s (jumper pins) 2 & 3 on the Main Board (just below the VR’s). Turn the machine on for 5 seconds and then off. Remove the jumper wire and the drum count is reset.
  • Drum Removal... Remove the Toner/Developer Cartridge. Remove the two screws from the front drum shaft plate. Remove the screw that lies behind the plate. Next turn the machine on its side handle-up and open up the jam clearance door on the belly. Slide the drum forward off of the rear shaft to remove it. Remove the screw which attaches the cleaning unit to the rear frame. Remove the cleaning unit and empty it. It is always a good idea to replace the cleaning blade when replacing the drum.
  • Machine sits idle when print is pressed (may be clicking)... If the toner light is not on but the machine sits idle and continues running, the machine may simply be looking for toner. Sometimes it takes a long time before the toner light actually comes on.
  • Toner light stays on after new cartridge is installed... After the machine is finished cycling, if it still calls for toner, turn the power off and back on for the second cycling. New toner cartridges contain fresh developer which often requires more toner. This is true of OEM as well as reconditioned cartridges.
  • Very dark copies... The chances are that you are lacking a drum ground. Check continuity between the front drum shaft plate and the uncoated part of the drum. If you find no continuity, the drum clip may have come loose inside the drum (or is bent out of shape), or the contacts are dirty.
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