Toner Cartridge (Genuine Xerox Brand: 006R01583) for Xerox® 4110, 4112, 4127, 4590, 4595

Valid OEM part numbers (only use 006R01583... see notes in detailed description below): 006R01583 (6R1583), (OLD part #'s: 6R90378, 006R90378, 6R1237, 006R01237)

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4112, 4127, 4590, 4595

Toner Cartridge - 6R1583, 006R01583 Genuine Xerox® 


Note that it is recommended that you do NOT use the older part number: 006R01237.  Stick to the current part number (006R01583).   In 2008 a newer toner formula was introduced which addressed a number of issues with maintaining copy quality.  The machine settings were changed in the field at the same time for any machines under contract or OEM care at the time.  If you try to run the older stuff in a machine which has been adjusted for the 2008 formula, the copy quality will be poor after a short time.  We only sell the newer OEM part number as a result.  Today it would be extremely rare to find a machine which was never modifie to use the new toner formula.