Toner Dispense Assembly - Yellow (OEM, 094K92872, 094K92871, etc) Xerox® 550 Family

Valid OEM part numbers : 094K92873, 94K92873, 094K92872, 94K92872, 094K92871, 94K92871, 094K92870, 94K92870

For Xerox® models: Color 550, 560, 570, C60, C70

Toner Dispense Assembly - YELLOW Genuine Xerox® 


Note: The early parts lists made it seem as if this assembly would fit any of the 3 colors (C/M/Y), however the truth is that each is unique... they each have a different key for the right color toner ctg to fit in. If you need for the Cyan position, see: 550TDAC, if you for the Magenta position, see 550TDAM.