Document Feed Roll Kit (Repairs 130N01730 + Sep Roll) for Xerox® WC4265 Only

Replaces: 130N1730, 130N01730

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 4265, 4265s

Documeny Feed  Repair Kit - (for Repairing 130N01730 + Separtion Roll


Includes: (1) Nudger, (1) Feed, & (1) Separation Roll
Note that the Feed and Nudger Rolls are for the Document Feed Head (130N01730) and the Sepation Roll is not spared in the OEM Parts List.  The book only shows the rolls spared as part of a larger assembly which they call: "DADF -Guide pick UP" (PL 5.70 #10). That larger assembly is not assigned a part number either.   It appears that to get the Separation Roll you might have to order the complete DADF (022N02763). Even the larger assembly is missing a part number.