Fuser Web Pinch Roll Springs (Pair, 009E24650) for Xerox® 5018 style

: 9E24650, 009E24650

For Xerox® models: 5016, 5018, 5021, 5028, 5034, 5126, 5321, 5328, 5334, 5624, 5626, 5818, 5820, 5824, 5826, 5828, 5830, XC-1875, XC2675

Pair of Web Pinch Roll Springs

Note: These are what put the tension on the foam pinch roll which pushes the web material against the Upper Fuser Roller. The pinch roll should have good strong tension on it. If the springs wimp out, you will want to either replace them or you could try stretching them out to increase the tension on the roller. If the tension is too weak, it can contribute to the web wrapping around the fuser roller.