Registration Gear Kit (for repairing 059K56706, etc.) Xerox® DC700 & J75 Families

For Repairing the following Modules: 59K56701, 059K56701, 59K56702, 059K56702, 59K56703, 059K56703, 59K56704, 059K56704, 59K56705, 059K56705, 59K56706, 059K56706, 59K56709, 059K56709, 59K79341, 059K79341, 59K79342, 059K79342, 59K79343, 059K79343

For Xerox® models: Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770 & Color C75, J75 Press

Registration Gear KitKit Includes - 2 gears: 25/38T double idler & 47T mating gear
These are the 2 gears from the Registration Transport Assembly which most frequently fail. 
Note for frequent jams in the registration area, you will also want to check out the gear on the shaft of the Pre-Registration Drive Motor in the back of the machine.  Those also break quite frequently (see DC700RDMG for photos and more details)