2nd BTR Roller Bearing (OEM 413W91250 for 059K68395, etc.) Xerox® DC700, J75, 550, C60 & DC5000 Families

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 413W91250, 013E23760, 13E23760

For Xerox® models: Color 550, 560, 570, C60, & C70, Digital Color Press 700i, 770 & (DocuColor) DC5000

2nd (BTR) Bias Transfer Roller Bearing - Single Genuine Xerox®


This helps to repair the following assemblies: 059K68395, 059K68394, 059K68393, 059K68392, 059K68391, 059K78322, 059K78321, 059K78320 & 059K55905.