Welcome to The Parts Drop®... Supporting the Service end of your business.

While you as ap dealer enjoy a strong and valuable relationship with Xerox® Corporation, we can help to supplement your parts purchasing abilities and support the Service end of your business. Following are some of the times when we will serve you well:

  • PARTS RESTRICTIONS: Does Xerox® limit the models you can buy parts for? We can help you fill in the gaps to serve your customers better. Lets face it, there are few things which will turn a customer off to a brand quicker, than to be turned away on service by a dealer because a machine which they own and love "is no longer supported". If the customer wants it fixed, fix it... then later they'll remember you when they go to buy a new machine.
  • NON SPARED PARTS: Let's say you find a Fuser Drive Gear broken on a customer's machine... and Xerox® only spares it as part of a complete Fuser Module. It never feels quite right installing several hundred dollars worth of fuser module because of a broken gear... In many cases, we find a way to spare those parts. Whether its a fuser lamp, fuser roller, or a gear, we can often hel. Likewise, we often come up with just the rubber tires to save you money on some of the higher priced feed roll assemblies and kits.
  • GOOD USED & REPAIRED BOARDS: Sometimes it makes sense to use a board out of a good working machine instead of spending a fortune on a new one. We often can help in this respect. Our boards are carefully checked out and failures are extremely rare. We pay attention to differences in board versions / software upgrades. We can also offer repaired Power Supplies in many cases.

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