Decurler Transport Foam Roller (pd-Brand 059K56451-P) for Xerox® DC700 & J75 Families

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Replaces: 059K56451

For Xerox® models: (Digital Color Press) DCP700, 700i, 770, C75, J75

Decurler Transport Foam Roller (this appears x2 in the Decurler Module in the printer / IOT) **pd Brand** (059K56451-P)


For repairing any of the following assemblies: 641S01011, 059K62633, 059K62632, 059K62631, 059K62630, 059K79261, 059K79262,  059K79263, 059K79624, 641S00720

Note:  there are other decurler rollers in the finisher, this is the roller from the machine itself.