2nd BTR (Bias Transfer Roll) Assembly (OEM 859K07317) for Xerox® Versant V180, V280, V3100, V4100

Valid OEM part numbers: 859K07317, 859K07316, 859K07315, 859K07314, 859K07313, 859K07312, 859K07311


For use in Xerox® models: (Versant®) V180, V280, V3100, V4100 (Also V80, V2100 WITH TAG 20 ONLY)

2nd Bias Transfer Roll (BTR) - Genuine Xerox Brand: 859K07317 (Many alternate part#s ... read IMPORTANT notes below about versions on earlier models)

This version is good for ALL V180 / V280 / V3100 / V4100.

For models V80 / V2100, this version is only good for machines WITH TAG 20.

Tag/Mod 20 introduced a new Main Drive Motor Assembly with a heavier torque limiter, so if your machine is V80 or V2100, check the Tag Matrix (inside the front door).  For V80/V2100s WITHOUT Tag 20, (the 20 on the tag matrix is not crossed out / blacked out), then do not use this part--buy V80BTRA instead. 



This 2nd BTR unit comes equipped with Tag 21, which means the "2a" Upper Inlet Chute has a "20" stamped into the metal (indicating the chute is 20mm wide). If your machine is a V80 or V2100 Without Tag 21, you must swap this Inlet Chute with the one on your old unit (it should be missing the "20" if the machine is Without Tag 21)

Tag 21 introduced an updated BUR Assembly on which the pre-BackUp Roll had a larger outer diameter.  Using the wrong metal inlet chute will limit the life of your 2nd BTR Roll and IBT Belt severely. Note that ALL V180/V280/V3100/V4100 automatically come with this Tag already installed and should always have the inlet chute with "20" stamped into it.




Note:  Also check the condition of the BUR Nose Drive Coupling that is mounted on the front end of the BackUp Roll, just above where the 2nd BTR Roll sits. If it is stripped, it can lead to premature wear on the 2nd BTR Roller.