2nd BTR Cleaning Blade (For Repairing 607K04293 or 859K07317) for Xerox® Versant V80, V180, V2100, V3100 etc

For Repairing: 607K04292, 607K04291, 607K04293, 859K07313, 059K86836, 059K86835, 059K86834 059K86833, 059K86832, 059K86831, 059K86830, 859k04030, aka 033K96890, 033K98630

For Xerox® models: (Versant®) V80, V180, V280, V2100, V3100, V4100

2nd BTR Cleaning Blade - For Repairing 607K04290 - 607K04293 OR 059K07311 - 859K07317

With improved TAC black burnished coating on the edge


Often the 2nd BTR Assembly fails because the waste toner container (the lower half of the unit) fills up until it is at the level of the cleaning blade.  In those cases, emptying the waste toner, cleaning the roller's surface (do not use any solvent here), and replacing the Cleaning Blade can sometimes add a lot to the yield.  If the roller's surface is ruined, then instead you will need  a new assembly or get a tech to rebuild the unit using our kit. This blade is included in the rebuild kit.  Read the rebuild instructions for a suggestion of an alternative way to empty the waste container without having to disassemble the bottom half of the unit. 


Other things to check out to help improve yields: 

First read the information in the V80BTRA and V180BTRA to make sure you have the correct version of 2nd BTR Assembly for your machine's configuration (V80/V2100  With OR Without Tag 13, Tag 20, and / or Tag 21 OR models.V180/V280/V3100/V4100.

Also check the BUR Drive Nose Coupling on the front end of the IBT BackUp Roll for wear. If that piece is worn out the 2nd BTR Roll will not last long.


If you are using Coated Paper double sided, the heated residue from the coating is known to be a problem as it deposits on the 2nd BTR Roller and then on the blade and brush until the pieces are all ruined.  You might consider installing one of the All Metal 2nd BTR Rollers.  Those are proving to be the solution for running coated paper in these machines.