Fuser Heat Roll Assembly (Replaces 604K67480) for Xerox® 4110, 4112 & D95 Families

Valid OEM part numbers: 604K61210, 604K67480, 604K24402, 604K54190

For Xerox® models: WorkCentre 4110, 4112, 4127, 4590, 4595, D95, D110, D125, D136

Fuser Heat Roller Assembly, New in Plain Box - replaces 604K61210, 604K67480, 604K24402, 604K54190

(Long-Life coating)

Complete Assembly - includes heat roll, bearings, the two drive gears, Heat Sleeves, and all of the other hardware.

Note: 4110FHRK - Fuser Heat Roll Kits, have been replaced with this new improved product. The new product is the complete heat roller assembly (with the bearings and gears and all the other hardware). It is an exact replacement of: 604K67480 in a plain box. If you have been ordering the kits, please replace 4110FHRK with this new part number 4110FHRA.

Also Note: These Heat Rolls have been thoroughly tested and have proven to be the equal or better than the OEM heat rollers (rated for over 1 million pages under proper operating conditions). You're going to love these.

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