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DC250 style - 2nd BTR Gears Information

DC250 / 550 / 700 / J75 - 2nd BTR Gear Identification

Technical Specifications

DC250 style

For Xerox® models: (DocuColor) DC-240, 242, 250, 252, 260 (WorkCentre) WC-7655, 7665, 7675, 7755, 7765, 7775 & Xerox® Color 550, 560, 570, C60, C70, (Digital Color Press) DCP700, DCP700i, DCP770, C75, J75



-        GEARS for the 2nd BTR Assemblies -


These gears are not shown as spared on any of the OEM parts lists we’ve seen to date… but we were fortunate enough to be able to source some of them.  These are Good Used gears with little or no wear on them. 


There are 4 “versions” of the assemblies:

  • DC250 Version: (for: DC240/242/250/252/260, WC-7655/7665/7675, WC-7755/7765/7775) …(059K45983 /  059K45987)
  • 550 Version: (for models: 550/560/570, C60/C70) …(059K68395)
  • DC700 Version:  (for models: DCP700/700i/770, C75/J75)…(059K55905 / 059K78322)
  • J75 Version (see DC700 Version… all of the gears same for these two versions)… (059K79312)
  • DC5000 Version (see DC700 Version for these as well) … (059K44423)


Below are our part numbers for each of the Gears and Cams:


DC250BTRDG – 2nd BTR Roll Drive Gear 39T (at rear end of Roller) (fits all versions)

DC250BTRDIG – 2nd BTR Roll Drive Idler Gear (17/43T)  (fits DC250 version only)

DC700BTRDIG – 2nd BTR Roll Drive Idler Gear (24/44T)  (fits DC700, 550, & J75 versions)


DC250BTRCG – 2nd BTR Cam Gear (Retract Gear) (67T) (interchangeable across all versions)

DC250BTRCIG – 2nd BTR Cam Idler Gear (30/28T, Black) (fits DC250, DC700, & J75 versions)

550BTRCIG – 2nd BTR Cam Idler Gear (30/24T, White) (fits 550 version only)


DC250BTRFC – 2nd BTR Front Cam / Actuator (fits all versions)


DC700BTRG40T – 2nd BTR Front 40T Gear (fits 550, DC700, & J75 versions)

DC700BTRG16T – 2nd BTR Front 16T Gear (fits 550, DC700, & J75 versions)


We also carry Rebuild Kits for all of these 2nd BTR Assemblies.

The kits include: 2nd BTR Roll, Blade, Brush, & Wax Bar:

DC700BTRK – for 550, DC700, & J75 versions

DC250BTRK – for DC250 version

5000BTRK – for DC5000 version



Note that there are no gears on the front end of the DC250 version.  There is only a Front Cam / Actuator just like the one on the other versions (DC250BTRFC)


DC250 2nd BTR Assembly     


550 BTR Assembly FRONT 


DC250 2nd BTR Gears Photo #3 


DC700 2nd BTR Assembly FRONT  DC700 2nd BTR Assembly REAR





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