The Parts Drop® serves a wide range of other vendors. We can set you up with the proper parts and insight to help you successfully include Xerox® parts among the services you provide your customer base. If you have questions, technical or otherwise, we are here for you. We are well aware that there are some parts on which we can provide you considerable savings and there are other parts which you can get at an advantage elsewhere. We'll help to steer you right.

  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We're experienced in preparing documents and exporting to virtually any part of the world. We use a variety of freight carriers depending on the destination and the size of the shipment
  • Xerox® PARTS QUOTES:  We can provide price quotes for whatever quantity of parts you are looking for... If you have a list of parts you'd like to inquire about, please contact us by phone or fax. We'll provide you with our email address and ask that you send your list as an Excel spreadsheet if possible. Always include requested quantities in your requests for quotes so that we can quote you appropriately.
  • If you have any questions, reference our Tech Info Center.