Duplex IDLER Pulley Kit (Includes 499W14524 and 499W17061) for Xerox® DC700 & J75 Families

Kit Includes: x8 pcs. 499W17061 and x4 pcs. 499W14524

For Xerox® models: (Digital Color Press) DCP700, DCP700i, DCP770, C75, J75

Duplex IDLER Pulley Kit (x8 pcs. Toothless idler pulleys + x4 pcs. 24T idler pulleys) (from inner wall of large transport drawer)


Below is a photo showing the 8 toothless idler pulleys (the 8th is on the Belt Tensioner).  After doing any work on the duplex transport, make sure to tension the belt using the set screw. 

DCP700 / J75 Duplex Idler Pulley locations and belt tensioner

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