Fuser Cleaning Cartridge Rebuild Kit (Web + Foam Pinch Roll) - (For Rebuilding 008R13085) for Xerox® 4110, 4112, & D95 Families

For Repairing: 008R13085, 8R13085, 008R13042, 8R13042, 008R13000, 8R13000

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4110EPS, 4112, 4112EPS, 4127, 4127EPS, 4590, 4590EPS, 4595, 4595EPS, D95 C/P (Copier Printer), D95A (Copier Printer), D110 (Printer) or C/P (Copier/Printer), D125 (Printer) or C/P (Copier/Printer), D136 C/P (Copier/Printer)

Fuser Web / Cleaning Cartridge Rebuild Kit -   - For Rebuilding: 008R13085 (also serves to recycle older web cartridges: 008R13000, OR 008R13042)


Note: Our webs come clean off the metal tube when web is at end... the way the OEM ones do. The higher yield is designed to match the longer life webs found in the 008R13085.