Main Drive Assembly (OEM 007K22543) for Xerox® Versant V180 (and for V80 WITH TAG 20)

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 007K22543 (7K22543), 007K22542 (7K22542), 007K22541 (7K22541)

For Xerox® models: For Xerox® models: (Versant®) V180, V280, V3100, V4100  ...  (also for V80/V2100 WITH TAG 20 ONLY .. read below)

Main Drive Assembly - 007K22543 - 007K22540 Genuine Xerox® Brand  (includes Motor 127K61140)


 ***for V180 / V3100  (also for V80/V2100 WITH TAG 20 ONLY  (if your machine is a V80 or V2100 WITHOUT TAG 20, you should order V80MDA instead (see related parts). If you use the wrong versio of 2nd BTR Assembly to go along with the Main Drive Motor version, the 2nd BTR life will be severely limited.

Read more about Tag 20 on the V80BTRA and V180BTRA as the 2nd BTR Assemblies are affected by Tag 020.  (see below how to find the Tag Matrix to see if a machine is With or Without Tag 20)


The difference is only the type of Torque Limiter / Friction Clutch on the motor assemblies... the newer motor assemblies have a heavier duty torque limiter.  See photo below to see both kinds.  


First, below is this version for all V180's (also for V80/v2100's WITH  Tag 20 ONLY.)

V180 Version (also for V80 Machines WITHOUT Tag 20)


For comparison, here is the earlier version (for V80/V2100 Without Tag 20 ONLY):

 V80 Without Tag 20 version of Main Drive Motor


Below see the location of the Tag Matrix on the V80 / V2100:

V80 Tag Matrix Location

Below are close ups of the Tag Matrix on a V80 (STAMPED IN PLASTIC OF DOOR) vs. a V2100 (STICKER KIND)

v80 Tag Matrix - Close up v2100 Tag Matrix up close