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Phaser 3635 - Area 3 Duplex Jam

The machine thinks it sees paper jammed in the Duplex Tray area.

Technical Specifications

Open the Rear Door and clear all jammed paper back there. Also open the Fuser Door (a green latch releases the door which swings open to your right).

If the fault persists and will not clear at all… then the machine thinks it sees paper sitting on the Duplex 1 Sensor’s actuator. This actuator is located near the center of the paper path, near the registration roller. It sees the paper as it passes through the Duplex Tray. If the actuator if broken or not seated properly, or there’s a small piece of paper caught in it, clear that up so the actuator swings easily in and out of the sensor. The actuator is not spared in the original parts book… but we can come up with a good used one if you find that yours is broken. Just ask us for it. The actuator has a flag at the bottom which swings into and out of the sensor to interrupt it. If the sensor proves to be bad, you'd need to replace the HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply, 3635HVPS) because this sensor is part of the HVPS (it is soldered right onto that board).

You can test the Duplex Jam 1 Sensor from diagnostics using the Component Control code: 08-700.

Information Reference
written by The Parts Drop, from information found in the OEM Service Manual & from looking in a machine.