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Xerox® SUPPLIES: Find a wealth of good deals on toner or dry ink cartriges, drum or copy cartridges. All searchable by your model number.

INFORMATION WITH YOUR Xerox® SUPPLIES: Installation instructions are available for your supplies on request... also, some of our supplies come with an Owners Technical Sheet which provides you with a convenient reference sheet about your machine... adjustments, status code meanings, supply yields, etc.

Xerox® SUPPLY SUPPORT: If you ever have a problem with a product which you purchased from us, help is a phone call away. We have technicians on staff who are specialized in Xerox® machines... we can help solve a majority of problems right on the phone. Read about our excellent warranty policies.

INFORMATION SOURCES: Guidance finding information about your Xerox® machine. A place to find Owners Manuals, ask your questions, or even read about how you might refill your own toner cartridges.

FINDING A TECHNICIAN: We can often help you find an independent technician if you don't already know a good technician who's willing to work on your Xerox® machine. Many perfectly capable techs will not work on the Xerox® brand because they don't know how to get parts nor the support they need to solve problems... many of them are willing once they have been introduced to us.

RETAIL Xerox® PARTS SALES: We highly recommend that you have your technician order the parts they need to repair your machine, however there are situations when it is appropriate for you to order parts for yourself. You can find Retail Prices on our website... Please keep in mind that the Wholesale Price is available only to customers of ours who are in the business of repairing office equipment for their customers. Some items such as paper cassettes, exit trays, paper stops and the likes can be found along with the supplies listed for your model.