Drum Cartridge - Color (OEM, 013R00603, 013R00632) Xerox® DC250 style

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OEM Part Numbers: 13R603, 013R00603, 13R632, 013R00632

For Xerox® models: (DocuColor) DC-240, 242, 250, 252, 260, (WorkCentre) WC-7655, 7665, 7675, 7755, 7765, 7775

Copy Drum Cartridge - 13R603, also replaces 13R632 Genuine Xerox® 


 ***These are often hard to find... we have an excellent cartridge rebuild kit (see the Related parts on the right) and if we run out of new cartridges, we will start rebuilding these in house for folks who are not sure about doing the rebuilds themselves.  Ask us if you want that. Thanks!

There are 3 color drum cartridges in this machine (one for each color, cyan, magenta, and yellow) This reorder number serves all three Colors. Replacement locations: R2, R3, R4 (Note: Different reorder number for black. See our reorder number DC250CTGB)

Note: The cartridge 13R632 / 013R00632 was replaced by 13R603 for the DocuColor 260.