Developer Unit - Black (OEM, 604K59590) for Xerox® WC-7132 style

Valid OEM part numbers: 604K59590, 802K83411, 604K42980, 604K42981, 604K42982, 641S600, 641S00600

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 7132, 7232, 7242

Black Developer Unit Kit - Brand New in a Plain Box: 802K83418*** plus Black Developer Material


***Note:  Black Units come without the Front End Covers.  You will need to re-use the Front End cover from one from your old unit.  It does not have any wearing parts on it, so it should not be an issue.

This kit includes the Black Developer Unit and the Black Developer Material.

We recommend that you buy the complete Kit of all 4 Developer Units:  See 7132DUK - Developer Unit KIT