Xerographic Module / Drum Cartridge (European, 113R00607) for Xerox® C35 style

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Valid OEM Part Number: 113R607, 113R00607

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) 35, 45, 55, 232, 238, C35, C45, C55, (DocumentCentre) 535, 545, 555, (WorkCentre) M35, M45, M55, Pro35, Pro45, Pro55, 232, 238, Pro232, Pro238 & (WorkCentre) 5030, 5050, 5135, 5632, 5638, 5735

EUROPEAN Xerographic Module - 113R00607 'SOLD' version


This version of the cartridge will work in any of the EUROPEAN machines. It will change any of the machines which are still under the Metered plan (113R608 / 113R00608) into a Sold plan (113R607 / 113R00607) machine, so once you use this cartridge you will need to use the 113R607 version from then on.

If you are looking for the US 'SOLD' version, 113R610, see our part number C35CTGG.