2nd BTR (Transfer) Assembly, (OEM 059K79314 / 859K07840) Xerox® Color C75, J75 Press, DC700

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Valid OEM Part Numbers: 859K07840, 059K79310, 059K79311, 059K79312, 05979313, 059K79314, 059K55900, 059K55901, 059K55902, 055K55903, 059K55904, 059K55905, 059K55906, 059K55907, 059K55908, 059K55909, 059K78320, 059K78321, 059K78322, & 059K78323

For Xerox® models: Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770, Color C75, J75 Press,

2nd BTR (Bias Transfer Roller) Assembly - Genuine Xerox Brand 059K79314 / 859K07840


NOTE:  If the 2nd BTR looks good but you still get incomplete transfer or uneven transfer of image from the front to the rear, take the IBT Belt Module out and have a good look at the two plastic rings underneat the belt unit at the rear of the BUR Assembly.  If those rings break, they no longer retain and index the 2nd BTR Assembly and you can get copy quality issues in all colors (due to vibrating 2nd BTR roll) or 2nd BTR Camming errors as the assembly moves out of the way and the gears start to slip). See photo below of an example of a broken 2nd BTR Index Hole on a BUR Assembly:

Broken BUR Assembly example